Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Behind the automatic door

I often dream of a town without cars, where most of the streets are 80 % garden and 20 % lanes for pedestrians and bicycles.
I often dream of a place much more simple than our so called developped countries, where so much things are so complicated, even a garage door become a burden, it must be automated and opening automatically upon receiving a signal at the arriving of the car : did you ever think about what all this stuff implies ?
Should it not be simpler to open the door manually ?
Do you really expect saving any time with this sort of arrangement, given the one (time) you spent to earn the money to buy the stuff and given all the hidden requirements for this to work : electricity generation, distribution, billing of the electricity, maintenance of the stuff, being stuck before the door when a problem occurs ... so having to plan what to do in such a case, like helpdesk number ... that you have to manage in a pocket PC, you had to pay for, which need battery to operate, maintenance again, wich you need to carry with you ...
Do you really think opening a door automatically is worth the burden ?
Doesn't that sound absolutely crazy to you ?
Tell me !

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