Thursday, October 12, 2006

Technology Replacement Cycle

You surely remember the famous water cycle, don't you ?

I observed another type of cycle in IT technologies.
The different phases are as follow :
  • Top management decides to renew the infrastructure from scratch. (rain shower)
  • A project manager is then in charge of having these specifications enforced by some large so called "no risk" company to take charge of the implementation.
  • It will be decided invariably not to involve the internal operation team and to get rid of the old infrastructure to start from fresh.
  • Project will go on with essentially external contractors.
  • The all thing will got rolled out eventually and the project team will disappear.
  • Baby is passed in the arms of the operations team. The situation is complex and not documented in a way to be useful for the operations.
  • The new architecture will NEVER be really maintained, it will go on from its initial push, but the motion will slow down, the entropy of system will increase until :
  • Top management decides to renew the infrastructure from scratch. (rain shower)

Consequences of this brutal cycle :
  • Organization is never capitalizing its proper knowledges.
  • Organization is unable to improve by itself. (It's always supposed to be the best of the world)
  • Organization is adapting on a mutational mode. (A way of not adapting)
  • Organization has to support periodic period of difficult changes.
  • Investment is not incremental.
This is a significant sign of a non mature way of managing IT technologies.
Do you recognized your own organization ?

Tell me !

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